Interview with Marta Gomes

Marketer of The Tomorrow Company

How did you arrive at this opportunity of working for TTC?

Working for TTC has been one of my first professional experiences in the marketing field. I consider that it was with extreme effort and dedication for finding a new and enriching experience that I was able to get here, as unfortunately it is not always easy to find an opportunity in the context we are living in, nowadays.

Marta Gomes

What are you enjoying the most during your experience at TTC?

Until now, the relaxed environment that is present between work colleagues is what I have been enjoying the most during my experience of working at TTC, without any doubt. Regardless of the person’s role, the entire company has a very friendly environment that makes the whole workload feel less heavy and more peaceful. At the end of the day, we are all working for a common goal which is the success of TTC.

Marta Gomes

What is the importance of marketing and communication for TTC?

Not only for TTC but for every company, the existence of marketing and communication roles is essential, because there is no sense on having a company and a product or a service without getting the world to know them. This is exactly the goal of the marketing role at TTC, to position our company in the market, as well as to communicate our products and services to whom might need them.

Marta Gomes

What is the major challenge that you encounter in your daily life as recent marketing professional?

I feel that one of the major challenges every marketing professional has at the beginning of their career is about having to have the ability of adapting our efforts to every type of industry and target audience, even if we are less familiar with some. Also, we always must update our knowledge about certain trends and platforms that emerge on the market, since our job revolves around what is up to date for the general audience.

Marta Gomes

3 words that define you and your work?

Creativity, adaptability and commitment.

Marta Gomes

What is your perspective for TTC in 10 years’ time?

In 10 years’ time, I see that TTC will already be completely included in the market as a company of reference for the quality of its products and services, as well as for its communication strategy that will be familiar among the general audience.

Marta Gomes

Quick-answer questions


I do not practice it for many years now, but I love to dance.


Pizza and pasta


Hidden Figures


Lost Stars, Adam Levine

What inspires you?

Getting to know people and hearing life stories.

What is your life motto?

Everything passes, the good and the bad things.

Marta Gomes