Interview with Ricardo Correia

CEO of The Tomorrow Company

How did TTC emerge?

TTC emerged from the willingness of creating an identity that would be able to gather and merge a whole group of solutions that could contribute to the sustainable development of organizations.

Ricardo Correia

Which are the pillars that support TTC?

The main pillars are: dedication, innovation, sustainability, integrity, modesty, honesty and accuracy.

Ricardo Correia

As we are currently going through a pandemic period, which are the main challenges faced by TTC with Covid 19?

Keeping the company in a resilient operational mode, not losing our motivation, recreating and moving forward with new projects, even in these tough times.

Ricardo Correia

The pandemic scenario has also brought a new reality: the remote work or teleworking. How did TTC adapt to this new challenge?

It was an adaptability challenge. In a very straightforward way, we successfully transitioned from an on-site to a remotely form of operating. Being that most of our work is digitally performed anyway, we were able to make a very swift change. Still, we do miss the ongoing presence of our colleagues, as well as the constant sharing that personal contact enables. 

Ricardo Correia

As the company's CEO and fully understanding the value that the employees have to a company. How do you motivate your employees? Or how do you keep them motivated?

As abwork colleague to the entire team, I believe that we must always share the victories and the difficulties of the company’s daily life. It is rather important to constantly remind ourselves of where we want to go and reach, as a company and as a whole.

Ricardo Correia

How can TTC make a difference in society?

It can help society be more sustainable.

Ricardo Correia

Looking into the future, where do you imagine TTC in 10 years time?

In 10 years time, I want TTC to become a company of national reference as far as innovative and technologic engineering solutions for sustainability with a great focus on the development of R&D applied projects.

Ricardo Correia

Quick-answer questions


Crossfit and radical sports


Beef cutlet and braised tuna belly


The Equalizer


To have an agricultural farm


Castle of Glass, Linkin Park

What inspires you?

Being able to reach my goals.

What is your life motto?

Enjoying and having fun at work, with friends and family everyday.

Ricardo Correia