Our team

Ricardo Correia


Ricardo’s personality is all about his willingness to create, innovate and resolve.

Melissa Correia


Engineering & Compliance

Melissa is a very good communicator and builds solid bridges with our clients.

Vera Barros


Engineering & Compliance

Vera’s main purpose is to achieve client satisfaction. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get there.

Beatriz Moreira


Engineering & Compliance

Beatriz patience and persistence are an unbeatable combination to achieve all our customers’ goals and satistfaction.

Rita Cacho


Engineering & Compliance

Rita’s secret to achieve her goals is extreme effort and dedication in everything she does. 

Marco Silva


Digital & Connectivity

Marco has a great sense of humor, but he is also not afraid to get his hands dirty and is always ready to face new challenges.

Pedro Vieira


Digital & Connectivity

Pedro is always very curious and willing to work. Any challenge he faces will be successfully completed.

Innovation & Grants

Hugo’s hobby is to be an amateur football coach, but everybody says tactics isn’t his strength. Luckily, his role on the company is about leadership and team management.

Sara Cardoso


Research & Development

Sara never gives up, because her job is not to see what everybody else hasn’t, but to think about what anybody still hasn’t about what everybody sees.

Joaquim Santos


Marketing & Communication

Joaquim’s attitude is the small attribute that makes such a huge difference.